JNC8 is Finally Here

After much adieu, JNC8 has finally been released and here are some of the new reccommendations:

  • In patients 60 years or over, start treatment in blood pressures >150 mm Hg systolic or >90 mm Hg diastolic and treat to under those thresholds.
  • In patients 18 years with either chronic kidney disease (CKD) or diabetes.
  • In nonblack patients with hypertension, initial treatment can be a thiazide-type diuretic, CCB, ACE inhibitor, or ARB, while in the general black population, initial therapy should be a thiazide-type diuretic or CCB.
  • In patients >18 years with CKD, initial or add-on therapy should be an ACE inhibitor or ARB, regardless of race or diabetes status.

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