Initial Evaluation of Common Renal Conditions

Have a problem that requires further expertise from your local nephrologist? These basic labs and studies are useful for us to evaluate the patient and provide care without delay.


  1. Pre-renal
  2. Intrinsic
    1. Glomerular
    2. Tubular
    3. Interstitial
  3. Post
  • Fluid challenge with isotonic IV fluids
  • Renal Ultrasound
  • Urinary Indices
    • FeNa = UNa/PNa / UCr/PCr
    • FeUrea (if on diuretic or metabolic alkalosis) = UUrea/PUrea / UCr/PCr
  • UA
    • If protein then urine protein and urine Cr
  • Foley (if hydro or obstruction)

Nephrotic Range Proteinuria

  1. Urine Protein and Urine Cr (done at the same time)
  2. ANA, SPEP, UPEP, Ur free light chains, Complements (C3 and C4), and RF/Cryoglobulins (if Hep C)
  3. UA

Sodium Abnormality

  1. Serum and Urine Osm
  2. Urine Na and Potassium
  3. Serum Na and Potassium
  4. Fraction excretion of uric acid (if SIADH consider)
  5. Cortisol and TSH if normovolemic

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