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Potassium and Blood Pressure

Ask anyone that knows me can tell you I love potassium. Its physiology, treatment of its disturbances, and its magical effects. I’ve also used it myself in my armamentarium to treat my own hypertension. When I tell people I sprinkle

There’s A New Binder On the Block: FDA Approves Patiromer

BETHESDA, MD — The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a new oral option for reversing hyperkalemia, patiromer. Patiromer is an oral suspension (Veltassa, Relypsa) that has just come out of the phase-2 AMETHYST-DN study, which  showed that

Has Kayexlate Finally Pooped Out??

So I’ve talk to multiple students and residents and tried to convey the idea that we shouldn’t be so gungho to use kayexlate acutely for hyperkalemia in the hospital (same with the outpatient setting). There is a plaucity of evidence

Chloride Shunt

Here is a quick review of how the “chloride shunt” first described by Batlle et al in 1981 occurs. This can cause a voltage-dependent type of hyperkalemic distal renal tubular acidosis. In the cortical collecting duct, Na+ enters from the

Physiology Pearls – The Edelman Equation

The “oysters and pearls” appetizer at Criollo. If you’ve sent any considerable amount of time trying to figure out hyponatremia (or any sodium physiology) there is a good chance that you’ve ran into the Androgue-Madrias Formula. They were able to

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