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Chloride Shunt

Here is a quick review of how the “chloride shunt” first described by Batlle et al in 1981 occurs. This can cause a voltage-dependent type of hyperkalemic distal renal tubular acidosis. In the cortical collecting duct, Na+ enters from the

Dietary Restrictions for Patients With Nephrotic Syndrome

“What should I eat?” And “Should I avoid protein since I’m losing it in my urine?” These are questions that I often hear my patients with nephrotic syndrome ask. So today I decided to do a quick review to answer

Water Metabolism Part II

Here is part 2 of Dr. Belinda Lee’s water metabolism presentation.

Physiology Pearls – The Edelman Equation

The “oysters and pearls” appetizer at Criollo. If you’ve sent any considerable amount of time trying to figure out hyponatremia (or any sodium physiology) there is a good chance that you’ve ran into the Androgue-Madrias Formula. They were able to

Water Metabolism Part I

Here is a great presentation from Dr. Belinda Lee.

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