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Fill Me Up – An Arguement Using More Balanced Solutions

History of NS vs LR In the great fluid infusion debate internist have favored normal saline, while surgeons have preferred lactated ringers. It looks like our surgeon friends may have gotten it right. Normal saline was never actually “invented” to

Dialysis vs Bicarbonate Therapy For Lactic Acidosis

In the world of critical care medicine sepsis with subsequent Type A Lactic Acidosis (fig 1.) is a common occurrence. And of course the question of should the patient be dialysis for acidosis (the A in AEIOU for emergent dialysis

A Hepatorenal Syndrome Review

Here is great presentation on HRS by former fellow Damadar Kumbala.  

The Soy Sauce Challenge – Surviving Severe Acute Hypernatremia

Volume Management in ALI/ARDS in Dialysis Patients

There is often the discussion of proper volume management in patients with ALI (acute lung injury) or ARDS (acute respiratory distress syndrome). We are often called when the patients develop worsening renal function for whatever reason or issues with volume

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