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Caffeine and Kidneys = Coffee Beans ❤ Red Beans

There is already good evidence that coffee is good for the liver and could decrease the incidence of cirrhosis. But at Kidney Week this year, we found out that there was a dose-dependent inverse association between caffeine consumption and early

A Pain in the Bean – Analgesic Nephropathy Part 1

We recently saw a 68 y/o M with history of ibuprofen 800 mg PO daily for 12-14 years. He had been having long standing minor renal insufficiency for the last 10 years with a progressive worsening of his GFR for

Question of the Day?

How does alkali therapy prevent further progression of CKD? A.) Decreases protein reabsorption B.) Decrease renal blood pressure C.) Decreases interstitial inflammation and complement activation D.) Increases renal perfusion Explanation There have been several studies now to support the use of

Question of the Day

A 55 y/o M with h/o of CKD 4 due to diabetic nephropathy has been on tri-weekly EPO for the last 6 weeks for anemia of CKD is found to still have a hemoglobin of 9.2.  He denies any obvious

The “Other” Cystic Kidney Diseases – Part 1

Here is part 1 of a review on the “other” cystic kidney diseases. -Adrian Baudy

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