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Caffeine and Kidneys = Coffee Beans ❤ Red Beans

There is already good evidence that coffee is good for the liver and could decrease the incidence of cirrhosis. But at Kidney Week this year, we found out that there was a dose-dependent inverse association between caffeine consumption and early

Kidney Week is in the Big Easy!

Kidney week is in full blast and it is a big one. Joel Topf is getting an award, we see that caffeine might be beneficial in CKD, and there is a ton of great information.

NephMadness 2015

Starting March 1st…Everyone get ready!

Fill Me Up – An Arguement Using More Balanced Solutions

History of NS vs LR In the great fluid infusion debate internist have favored normal saline, while surgeons have preferred lactated ringers. It looks like our surgeon friends may have gotten it right. Normal saline was never actually “invented” to

Catheter related atrial thrombus

Nice job!
You now have 30 beans.
Use them wisely, my friend.

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