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NephMadness 2015

Starting March 1st…Everyone get ready!

Fill Me Up – An Arguement Using More Balanced Solutions

History of NS vs LR In the great fluid infusion debate internist have favored normal saline, while surgeons have preferred lactated ringers. It looks like our surgeon friends may have gotten it right. Normal saline was never actually “invented” to

Catheter related atrial thrombus

Differential Diagnosis of AKI in Liver Disease

I recently received a consult for a liver patient with Hep B and Hep C with cirrhosis that developed worsening ascites and oliguric AKI I ask the resident if the usual initial evaluation was done and she was unaware of

Neph Madness is here!

Time for all renal fellows, residents, interns, students (and lovers of the red beans) to fill out your brackets for nephmadness. Its fun as it’s March and you’ll have your other brackets out. Also you should learn something along the

Nice job!
You now have 30 beans.
Use them wisely, my friend.

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