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Question of the Day?

How does alkali therapy prevent further progression of CKD? A.) Decreases protein reabsorption B.) Decrease renal blood pressure C.) Decreases interstitial inflammation and complement activation D.) Increases renal perfusion Explanation There have been several studies now to support the use of

Fill Me Up – An Arguement Using More Balanced Solutions

History of NS vs LR In the great fluid infusion debate internist have favored normal saline, while surgeons have preferred lactated ringers. It looks like our surgeon friends may have gotten it right. Normal saline was never actually “invented” to

Dialysis vs Bicarbonate Therapy For Lactic Acidosis

In the world of critical care medicine sepsis with subsequent Type A Lactic Acidosis (fig 1.) is a common occurrence. And of course the question of should the patient be dialysis for acidosis (the A in AEIOU for emergent dialysis

Chloride Shunt

Here is a quick review of how the “chloride shunt” first described by Batlle et al in 1981 occurs. This can cause a voltage-dependent type of hyperkalemic distal renal tubular acidosis. In the cortical collecting duct, Na+ enters from the


So while reading AJKD I found the GOLDMARK mnemonic for anion gap metabolic acidosis by Ankit Mehta, Joshua and Micheal Emmett . It’s simple and works well, and I think it’s useful for hitting all the major causes of AGMA.

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