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Nephrology Practice Board Question – FSGS Answers

As I’ve been studying I’ve been trying to make up questions of information that I found to be important or interesting (at least to me). These questions and those to follow are a random grouping of  multiple choice, true/false, or

Question of the Day?

Collapsing FSGS is associated with what disease/drugs? 1.) HIV 2.) Parvovirus B19 infection 3.) Interferon therapy 4.) Pamidronate toxicity

Question of the Day?

How does alkali therapy prevent further progression of CKD? A.) Decreases protein reabsorption B.) Decrease renal blood pressure C.) Decreases interstitial inflammation and complement activation D.) Increases renal perfusion Explanation There have been several studies now to support the use of

Question of the Day

A 55 y/o M with h/o of CKD 4 due to diabetic nephropathy has been on tri-weekly EPO for the last 6 weeks for anemia of CKD is found to still have a hemoglobin of 9.2.  He denies any obvious

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