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Does Urgent Dialysis After Contrast Really Work…Not Really

Scenario #1: Prophylactic dialysis in patients without ESRD Medicine: “Hey we have a patient with CKD that is getting IV contrast for a procedure today and we are consulting you for dialysis afterwards” Nephrology Fellow: “Huh, what are you talking

Kidney and Nephron Overview Video

Here is a overview of the kidney and nephron for students and residents that may have forgotten. Again from Armando Hasudungan. -Adrian

GFR Explained in 15 Minutes

Here is the second renal video by Armand Hasudungan explaining glomerular filtration rate. -Adrian

Renal Physiology Made Easy

Maybe not made easy, but in honor of Youtube’s Geek Week here is a first of 3 amazing renal review videos by Armando Hasudungan. –Adrian

The Soy Sauce Challenge – Surviving Severe Acute Hypernatremia

Nice job!
You now have 30 beans.
Use them wisely, my friend.

Konami Easter Egg by