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Board Review 7/26/13

Here is the latest board review from last Friday. Most of the questions of from NephSAP, with only 2-3 created by me. The plan is to post Nephrology Board-like questions to help prepare fellows for the in-service exam and national

Cholemic nephrosis

We recently saw a 37 year old gentlemen with his second bout of acute alcoholic hepatitis that presented with altered mental status, elevated bilirubin/transaminases, and non-oliguric acute kidney injury. We were consulted as the primary team was concerned about hepatorenal

Volume Management in ALI/ARDS in Dialysis Patients

There is often the discussion of proper volume management in patients with ALI (acute lung injury) or ARDS (acute respiratory distress syndrome). We are often called when the patients develop worsening renal function for whatever reason or issues with volume

Swamp Fever

For the second time in as many years we have seen a patient with Leptospirosis at Tulane Medical Center. This is a fairly rare disease that we are seeing in New Orleans more often that we probably should. Part of

Nafcillin Associated Hypokalemia

Recently a 53 year old male was admitted to the ED with weakness that progressively worsened over the last 3 weeks. The patient had a history of Hep C and cirrhosis and was sent in by his hepatologist for the

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