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Initial Evaluation of Hyponatremia

Today I want to quickly touch on the initial evaluation for hyponatremia. I’ll leave the full discuss to someone much smarter than me and with more time to spare. There are several approaches to evaluating and working up hyponatremia but

Caffeine and Kidneys = Coffee Beans ❤ Red Beans

There is already good evidence that coffee is good for the liver and could decrease the incidence of cirrhosis. But at Kidney Week this year, we found out that there was a dose-dependent inverse association between caffeine consumption and early

Kidney Week is in the Big Easy!

Kidney week is in full blast and it is a big one. Joel Topf is getting an award, we see that caffeine might be beneficial in CKD, and there is a ton of great information.

NephMadness 2017 is Here!

You can count on 2 thing every March: Dick Vitale and AJKD’s NephMadness. This years regions are really good. Glomerulonephritis Disparities in Nephrology Biomedical Research Diabetic Nephropathy History of Nephrology Dialysis Genetics Nutrition   Goto http://www.tourneytopia.com/AJKD/NephMadness/SubmitPicks/Picks.aspx and pick your bracket before March

Water and Sodium Lecture Videos

Here are some simplified lectures on water and sodium disorders for the second year medical students at Tulane University SOM. -Adrian Baudy

Potassium and Blood Pressure

Ask anyone that knows me can tell you I love potassium. Its physiology, treatment of its disturbances, and its magical effects. I’ve also used it myself in my armamentarium to treat my own hypertension. When I tell people I sprinkle

Nice job!
You now have 30 beans.
Use them wisely, my friend.

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